Telecommunication Tower Design & Foundation

AKME Global engineers are well experienced and capable of providing the best solution for tower foundation. We use latest software such as “STAAD PRO” for tower geometry and foundation design to ensure structural soundness. These softwares are extremely essential to produce precise and accurate structural analysis and very well-known to complete tower industry. These softwares can easily handle the complex geometry and deliver best results for static and dynamic analysis of mobile towers.

Following points play important role from designing to execution:

  • Location of site and space provided
  • Wind speed
  • Loading over structure
  • Facilities required at certain height if mentioned
  • Twist and sway required
  • Soil bearing capacity
  • Time available for ease and speed of fabrication
  • Ease and speed of erection and execution

The Designing standards both national and international that we follow are:

  • IS 875:1987and IS 802:1995/1992 (Indian Standard)
  • EIA/TIA-222-G (American Standard)
  • SEI/ASCE 10-97 & 48-05 (American Standard)
  • BS8100-1:1986 & BS8100-3:1999 (British Standard)
  • AS3995-1994(Australian Standard)
  • SABS (South African standard)
  • ILE TR7,2000( British Standard)
Telecommunication Tower Design & Foundation

Telecommunication Tower’s Design, Foundation and drawings can be checked, verified and validated by Higher Indian Institutions such as IITs, SERC Chennai if requested.