Earthing System For Telecom Towers

AKME Global provides various types of electrical earthing systems for different projects, according to their specific requirements to avoid any kind of damage and accidents to ensure safety at site. The properties of a site varies from place to place and which makes it even more essential to have the right earthing system to ensure smooth functioning of a site. The electrical potential of conductors is defined by the earthing system and measured in relation to that of earth’s conductive surface.

Role of Earthing System For Telecom Towers at Site

  • To protect installations and equipment by providing a low impedance path for fault currents.
  • To provide security for people by limiting the step & touch voltage.
  • To improve the quality of the signal by minimizing the electromagnetic noise.
  • To provide a reference voltage for the system equi-potentialization.
Electrical Earthing System For Telecom Towers