Self Supporting Towers

AKME Global deals in fabrication, galvanization, erection and maintenance of self supporting tower. These towers are the principal structures which primarily intend to support communication equipment for telephone, radio and similar communication devices. Self supporting towers are designed with precision to ensure long lasting performance even in toughest of working conditions. The optimization of manufacturing facilities and incorporation of top standard accessories ensure the effective functionality of these towers. They are carefully engineered to handle medium to heavy-duty applications.

Types of Self Supporting Tower

These self supporting towers are mostly custom designed based on requirements for particular wind load, height, terrain, single or multi carrier and load bearing capacities as there are several variations in three and four legged tower designs itself. All the self supporting tower components (frames, different angles, safety ladders, platforms and mounts) are hot-dip galvanized for strength and durability.

Self Supporting Towers Design & Maintenance
Self Supporting Towers Manufacturers

Self Supporting Towers Specifications

  • Low- to high-capacity microwave communication
  • Wireless Internet and cellular networks
  • AM and FM radio communication
  • UHF satellite communication
  • Personal communication services (PCS)
  • Point-to-Point communications

We have the capacity and skills to deliver and install your self supporting towers along with complete project logistics and start-to-end construction services.